Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Really Easy Not so Sleazy SEO Marketing tip: No Website Required.

For my LOTC readers, and other mom-and-pop service contractors, and for anyone who pretty much is the "Chief Cook and Bottle Washer" of their enterprise - any biz where your customers know your business by you and your name.

Here is a Really Easy Not so Sleazy SEO Marketing tip.

You don't even need a website to do this. And, you'll want to do this, because it is a really good way to bridge the problem with us humans' inability to remember the ten digit telephone number we are plastering on the sides of our vans and on our yard signs.
Finding you with a Google keyword is infinitely more effective than memorizing your phone number. Just Google my keyword, "mudduckk". Google will first ask you if you meant mud duck. Nothing I can do about that, 'tis the title of an important book apparently. But if you click on, "return results for mudduckk", all roads lead to me.
I had no intent to be tops on the page results for mudduckk, or all over page one. I did it by by accident not design. Also, I did this over time. Time and effort, not money, are key ingredients of SEO marketing. Now, I'll tell you how you can do it on purpose. Who knows, you may find you've already done it.
Make your Google keyword the username of all your social media accounts:
I have multiple social media accounts under the name mudduckk. I'm mudduckk on Scribd, Blogger, Stumble Upon, JohnBridgeTileForums to name a few.
Choose a keyword that fits you – how people would intuitively remember you, when you share your keyword:
Why mudduckk? I'm a tile guy. I lay ceramic tile. We tilers work with mud. Also, Toledo is the home of minor league baseball's Mud Hens, affectionately referred by some fans as the Mud Ducks. Soo...There has to be a tiler tiling in Toledo named mudduckk. In fact there can be many, but the mudduckk in Toledo or anywhere in the world for that matter who sits all over page one of Google's page results for mudduckk is me. Priceless.
Utilize your accounts frequently:
Chances are you do. Utilization is more important than account creation, because utilization is content creation, and Google's SEO algo is a content organizing son-of-a-gun. Not an account counter.
How it works, No Website Required:
Every time I utilize these social tools to interact with others, the media app creates a unique web page somewhere up in the cloud. Cool hunh? So, I don't even need to be a web geek like Dharmesh Shah, author of Inbound Marketing: Get Found on the Internet Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs. I don't even need a website and I don't need a marketing spend. This is great news for my LOTC pals. We're a real low overhead bunch, don't cha know?
Twitter, the killer app:
Twitter is wickedly effective here. All those individual tweets cost you at max only 140 characters of mind power or depending on your take with any given tweet, mindless power; regardless, just type a bit, hit tweet, and BOOM! you hatched a web page with your Google keyword on it.
Embed Hyperlinks in your tweets:
Tweets with embedded hyperlinks are especially juicy. Even more so if you get the scoop on something important or you create a link to a really compelling piece of lit in your blog. Like this one. (That's a hard hint for you to hit the like button up top. Yo! Hit it now!) Popular or not, those hyper-linked tweets end up creating a unique web page with traffic coming and going.
Its gooder than good, Better than a trademark:
Needless to say all of these pages and page views along with so much clicking to and fro have two things in common, your social media moniker and the attention of Google's page ranking algo. As we all know, getting that high page rank on your keyword through SEO is sticky. It's a barrier to entry by others. In fact, It is better than a trademark, because it is highly effective in directing traffic to you...or me in this case. That’s gooder than good.
Need a tileguy? Google: mudduckk
heavy on d's and k's please.
Putting that on my van and all my yard signs for sure.
Since Mighty Casey struck out, there may be no joy in Mud Ville, but there is a tiler who is wayyyyyyyyy...
Happy Tiling!
And blogging too. :-)


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  1. Great post. Always wondered where the name came from. Now I know the rest of the story.