Thursday, March 3, 2011

Project Completion Demonstrates Capability

Yesterday, the Crew at Mosaic, Inc. finished the Encore project on time in just four days time. On Monday you met the crew. Today we bring you these photos which show the demanding complexity of Encore's design. At just over 750 square feet and with an average crew size of four Mosaic Inc demonstrates its ability to keep a blistering pace along with a high attention to detail. Happy tiling!
2011-03-02 18.37.07 2011-03-02 18.38.09 2011-03-02 18.37.27

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Meet the Crew: Video Post from Encore Job

Get a glimpse of the glitter to come once we complete the Encore job.

Slated to be open for use by the public in just one more week, I brought in a crew of pals to help me kick this one in. Here we meet Jeff and Billy both of whom are too bashful to say hi and too proud to stop working. We hope they will warm to the camera while never losing their pride in a job well done.