Thursday, April 21, 2011

Project Award: The Pool

You gotta give to get. Its a saying I heard while reading up on venture funding. While Mosaic is the farthest thing from a Venture Capitalist's mind the principal rings true in this most recent project award. You see while we were furiously trying to meet the completion date on The Cooler project, an addition to a commercial kitchen, I noticed there was a floor drain failure in the existing kitchen. I proposed to the buildings manager at this prestigious facility to remain nameless that I should fix it while he had me on the job. He agreed, but he needed to know what it was to cost him. I told him naught so long as he thinks of me next time he needs some tiling done. Now, before the project was completed, he returned the favor by awarding me this my next project I'll call The Pool. The Pool is a repair project at my new client's outdoor swimming complex. The complex is 50 years old and has suffered countless harsh winters. Needles to say there are many tile about the pool coping in need of repair. The project will provide Mosaic Inc. about 9 work days of activity. So you see you have to give to get. LOTC marketers take note.

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