Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Crew at Kroger Mt. Vernon

Here's the Crew on Mosaic's third Kroger project in nearly as many months.  Left is Casey and right is Eric.  Eric's a 15 year veteran of tile setting while Casey is the noob.  A quick study he, Eric and I are teaching him the weirding way.

Casey's a quick study.  Gets it the first time.  Humble and accumulating own tools. Gotta love that. Eric did high end custom homes in Stone Oak during the housing boom.  Not so much of that to be had these days so he's glad to be with us, we feel the same.

Both fellows are from Toledo's North End.  Woodward HS products through and through, they enjoy regaling me of triumphant stories from the 'hood.  Wish I could video tape them to get you some reality TV type content for you.  Warning though some of it is R-A-W raw.  We sure laugh it up on our commute back and forth each week to this store in Mt. Vernon, OH.  You just have to be there.

And where is the boss??????????

Off for a scoop of ice cream?

Back to work you knuckleheads!

Happy Tiling!

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