Saturday, July 17, 2010

Welcome to Mosaic Musings

The purpose of Musings is to provide a high touch resource for my customers, my future customers, and their friends and family. In this pursuit, I will share about my business approach including marketing and sales, production and service, and close out and follow up. So, this blog will also be useful for other professional tile contractors, tile distributors, and tile product manufacturers.

My approach is honest and genuine. I believe, by putting my customers first, that they will return the favor by referring me to others. In the services business, there can be no other way. We are only as good as our last opportunity to serve. Besides, it really makes my day when a customer lets me know that they appreciate the extra effort. I call that an "attaboy", and I firmly believe it takes ten attaboys to make up for one bad experience.

This point is even more acute in the tile trade. By the square foot, tile is one of the most exquisite finishes on a customer's project. Tile is enduring as well. It lasts for ever. Unlike carpet or vinyl on floors and paint or wall paper on walls, tile just does not fade or wear out. A carpeting or painting contractor can expect repeat business due to normal wear and tear, but tiler's work is one and done. Set it and forget it. So it is essential that I get it right the first time, and if not, I make it right for my own self interest. In this way, I position myself for referrals based on superior performance.

Customers should expect the best from their tile installer. I know my customers do. I want them to expect as much. Tile is a celebration of their most intimate spaces. Whether it is their kitchen or bath, hearth or patio, it is my honor to be selected by them to make their vision come to life. I take every opportunity to understand their desires and expectations and to not rush them to a decision. While I am not a designer, I do have an eye for what looks good. After all, I've been in the business for two decades. I want them to make the right decision about their tile, their tile related products, and their tile installer. I refer them to the best stores and showrooms for their needs and budget. And, I provide them with the information they need to get the most out of their design consults.

Time is of the essence for my customers as well. Once they come to a decision I want them to feel like no time is wasted in getting to completion. I want to minimize the disruption in their lives, so that they can begin to enjoy their intimate spaces as soon as possible and for an exquisite and enduring future.

Hopefully, by keeping it real and keeping it genuine this blog will become an invaluable resource for customers, and future customers alike, as well as other tile contractors, distributors, and tile manufacturers.

Happy tiling,
Malcolm Campbell, IMI, CDT, EIT, MBA
President Midwest Mosiac, Inc.


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